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2020 Pitch Competition

Entrepreneurship KC is excited to announce our Summer 2020 Pitch Competition winner! Please join us in congratulating unlimitED as they take home the $5,000 cash prize. Check out the reactions and inspiring messages from our guest judges, then watch the pitches below. All of the pitches were absolutely amazing! 



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Voting opened Tuesday, July 28th at 9AM. Judge feedback was posted on Friday, July 31st at 8PM. The winner was announced when voting closed on Friday, July 31st at 9PM.  

Our inaugural competition included interns representing 20+ school districts across the Kansas City metro area (listed below).  Interns selected concepts independently and led the development of the pitches you see below. When possible, please congratulate them for their leadership and hard work.


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Thank you for creating a more entrepreneurial Kansas City!

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HOPE- Homeless Outreach Program for Empowerment

The Send


Urban Effects

Youth Bringing Change (YBC)- The Black Experience

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